Monday, August 19, 2013

Dear Maddie:

Dear Maddie:

You are my artsy boy.  You love to color, draw, and make things.  You are so handsome with your pretty blue eyes.  Everyday, you grow more handsome.  Sometimes you ask my why you're different because you like the color pink and wear bracelets.  I'm sure glad you are different.  You're not boring, and you're not a follower.  You attract people like a magnet with your quirky personality.  You love music.  You have to listen to Michael Jackson and Dolly Parton daily.  It wasn't long ago that you would blast your music and dance in secret.  This summer, you learned to moonwalk.  I mean real actual moonwalking.  I attempted this when I was a child as well but was never successful.  You are a lover of things from my generation.  You love to watch Full House.  Just the other night, we were discussing Jurrasic Park.  I told you it was a movie I watched when I was a kid.  You were shocked.  You couldn't believe I had color television when I was a child!  I'm not that old, silly boy!  I love this picture of you, because I can hear you saying to me, "Really, Mom?"  Keep being you, keep being special and funny, and smart, and loving.

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