Monday, August 12, 2013

From where I sit...

...I see little boys lying around me.  One sucks his thumb, one reads a book, and one watches TV while we wait for the cleaning lady to finish up in the living room and kitchen.

...I see little toes and okra in the garden.  Okra, the boys like to collect and then help me prepare for frying.
...I see a sneak of a layout I finished.  The first one in months.  I had to do make it.  I've been writing more, reflecting more, trying to think about how I really want to document the story that is ours.
...I see a silly teenaged girl who our family loves dearly, who loves my children dearly.  The girl that I think had a really good weekend with us...At least I think so.  Those teens are crazy.
...I see a boy who loves his dog.  
...I see a really cool cloud from the passenger side of the truck while the aforementioned teen drives so we can pick up B-Dubs on a Friday night.

And really from where I sit, I realize that there are so many tiny things to notice.  A million tiny things to see.  A million words that can be shared.  A million little moments that make up this big giant thing called life.

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