Friday, July 26, 2013

Last Summer Lake Trip

We just got home from the lake.  It will most likely be the last trip this summer since Erik, the kids, and I will be going back to opposite land.  I wanted to document this last trip for a few reasons.  One, this being the last trip, I thought I should.  Two, the trip started off with quite a hitch.  Three, the water levels are just so low.  I want my kids to remember what it looked like.  They will see the lake at its worst (now hopefully) and it's best, when the water is full and falling over the spill way.  This post will be photo heavy, but I have to tell you the story.

So, we all ventured out to the lake.  Our old spot is no longer available.  There is no water.  So we went to the last spot we had camped at to find it was taken by a camp stealer  person who got there first.  It's Tuesday!  Don't these people have lives or something?  We had to find another spot.  So as we were attempting to trek across what appeared somewhat solid ground.  We got stuck!  Stuck!  I couldn't believe it.  We've been stuck at the lake once!  One time, now make that two.  So we had to drop the trailer.  We decided to find a good spot and then Erik's parents would come and help us get out.

 The lonely little trailer.
Rolf and Kelli to the rescue with the Jeep.

After we got things all worked out and set up.  Charlcee and Gina came to join us for a bit.  So we had to mess around with an old boat that was sunk...that's worse than getting stuck, ha.

This boat could be yours, if The Price is Right.  Dog not included.

 Taking a test drive

Gina "skiing"

The next morning we got up and I waited for Erik and Kelli to bring the boat out.  Maddie was up with me but Wolfie and JoJo were still sleeping.  I took this picture of the lake.  You can see Rock Canyon Marina in the distance.  The ramp is closed as there isn't enough water.  It's launch at your own risk.

Then we spent the day boating, fishing, and playing!

 The water level at the dam is only 37 feet!  It's hard to believe how low the water is.
The Butte 
 Stay out of this Dam Area!  Sorry, I had to say it.

Mazzie has to ride on the raft, too.

Then the rain came in.  A huge storm that had us sitting in the trailer for the rest of the night.  We had to take my dad back to his vehicle in our car because the weather was too bad for him to ride the jetski back.    The roof started leaking.  JoJo was telling a story about werewolf's.  He's trying to be scary with his flashlight.  We went to bed at like 9:30.  There wasn't much else to do.
 In the morning we got up and enjoyed the cool weather.

 The water was about 4 inches below this stick before the rain started.

 Mazzie had to ride the jetski.  The boys went out.  We let Wolfie go out on his own since he's ten now.  He had to stay in our cove.

Mazzie had to ride with all of the kids.

 Sarah came out to get the jetski and to make sure we got out okay.  Which, we did.  Thank Goodness.
Kettletop. I think it's all the way out of the water now!  We camped at the end of the lake.

So that's it.  It was sort of a disastrous adventure, but still fun.

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