Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A Few Book Recommendations

I've read a few books over the last few weeks.  First let me say that Heller's Decision is out!!!
J.D. Nixon is one of my favorite authors.  Of course I read the new book in a day.  I loved it!  It was very funny, and I chuckled my way through it. The first book, Heller is a free ebook.  She also has the Little Town Series.  The first book, Blood Ties is also a free ebook.  You won't be disappointed if you decide to read those two books.

The next is the Shattered Hearts Trilogy.  The three books are about a girl who dropped out of college and starts a new life in another town, where she meets Adam.  The only problem is that her high school sweetheart comes back after a year long absence...he's been on tour...he's a rock star.  The series overall is a five star read for me.  It was real, and it dealt with real and heartbreaking issues.  The first two books were 99 cents last time I checked.  So worth the read.

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