Monday, April 29, 2013

Tips for a Scrapbook Retreat

Hi All!  I just returned from my weekend long scrapbook retreat.  It was a lot of fun, and I got a lot done.  I got 30 pages done, in fact.  This was despite that Thursday afternoon and evening was spent with vomiting children and a sick to stomach self.  I spent all day Friday with a stomach bug with an upset stomach.  It came and went in waves with stomach cramps and nausea.  Not fun.  Anyhow here are some tips for you to get the most out of your time a scrapbook crop....stomach viruses and all.

Rule #1:  Plan Ahead

You have to plan ahead.  You have to know the general direction you will be going with your scrapbook.  If you don't you will end up frustrated and being a time waster.  I am a super anal planner.  I plan how each layout will go into a scrapbook, and if it will it be a single page or a double page.  To do this, first I see where I left off in each scrapbook I will be working on.   Then, I start planning events.  From the events, I choose however many photos I will need.  From the amount of photos, I decide on a layout for each page.  A lot of times, I will even choose paper choices ahead of time so I don't waste time on that when I get there.  (Not this time...I took my did take time to find the right paper.)  For this trip, I planned each page and then I wanted to go back and cut out titles from my Silhouette.  This didn't happen, because of sick kids.  So I improvised with stickers or I will cut them out at home.

Rule #2:  Allows OVER PLAN

Always, always over plan.  Even if you know there is no way you will finish every page you have brought.  The reason for this is that you will have plenty to do.  When I go on this weekend crop, it is three hours from my home.  It is in the middle of no where with very spotty internet connection.  There is no way to print more photos if I need them.  The other benefit of over planning is that if you have not finished at your crop you will have pictures at home to scrap when you get a chance.

Rule #3:  Bring the right supplies

Yes, you know you need adhesive (bring plenty), paper, pictures, stickers, etc.  Do not forget the other items such as rulers, pencils, pencil sharpeners, markers, pens, scissors.  Also, don't forget ziploc bags... You can put scraps in them or small punched pieces or letters.  Another important item is a Xyron.  They come in so handy when you need to glue letters down.  Even if you don't have a Cricut, or Silhouette, chances are someone else will, and they will let you use it.  A Xyron is the easiest way to adhere those small letters to your layout.

Rule #4:  Have Fun and Don't Pressure Yourself

Scrapbooking is a hobby.  It is supposed to be fun.  Enjoy yourself.  Relax.  Take part in any of the activities that might be available to you.  Bring a book to read, just in case you get tired of scrapping nonstop.  Trust me, you will.  Look around at other people's pages and chit chat.  Have a lot of fun and enjoy your time away.

Hope this was helpful.  I will be posting quite a bit this week, I hope.  I am in the process of photographing my layouts so I can post them.  I will also be putting up some of my own cut files for the Silhouette for you to download.  I'm really happy to be scrapbooking again.  It makes me happy to do it.  And it makes me happy to share with you all.  Have a good evening!

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