Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Spring Break Book Recommendations

Spring Break is over for me...insert sad sigh...but I thought I would share a few books incase yours isn't. Please understand, that I read ALOT, so if I recommend it, it means its worth reading.

This is book 1 in the series...It was very good.  A love story with a main character who suffers from BiPolar and Personality Disorder.  Very good...

Book 2...I liked it even better than the first.  It was great 4.5 stars and finishes up the story of Clay and Maggie.

First book in the Dark Light Series...It starts very slow.  It does.  About half/three quarters of the way it picks up.  It is still a good read.  You have to read this book, however, because #2 in the Series is AMAZING!!!

That is Book 2...It is a 5 star read!  Five stars.  I stayed up until 2 am reading this book.  In fact, Erik woke up at some point and I was all, "Shhh...I'm going to bed in a minute."  That was around 1ish in the morning.  I loved this book.  It is everything I love about romance..angsty.  I got the chills, I got butterflies.  I cried.  So good.  You have to make it through the first book to read this.  It is so worth it.  Oh, but it's a cliffhanger ending :(  I will be waiting for Book 3.

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