Friday, March 2, 2012

February Family Photo

Here is our family portrait.  It's a beaut.  It is so HARD to get a good photo of us.  But I do have to say that the cat was not actually harmed in this photo.  It looks like Wolfie is strangling her.  I can assure you that she is just fine.  I love our cat...she loves our kids and she lets them wear her like a scarf.  It is amazing to me that they all still have their eyes...ha.

Anyhow, as I quick update, I have been very busy these last couple of days.  I will be posting my February Project Life Pages as soon as I get the photos.  I am waiting for them to arrive from Postal Pix.

I will also be updating my series this weekend as well.  I haven't had time to type it up yet.  Thank you for your patience.  And I wanted to share this picture of JoJo because he is the cutest little cookie monster I ever saw.  I washed his face like ten times and he still had oreos on them.  Plus, he needs a haircut.

Oh, and my dream came true (5D Mark III)...but I can't actually afford it... :(

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