Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Blah Blah Blobbity Blah

Today I was reading Jennifer McGuire's blog, and I thought to myself, "Self, how does one keep motivated with scrapbooking ideas?"  I mean seriously to come up with new, fresh, and inventive ideas so often, how do you not burn out?  I want to know this.  I find myself hitting Delete, Delete, Delete of blog after blog that I used to find joy in.  Now I look at projects and blog pages, and I just want to hang myself...not literally.  Not that they don't have wonderful, beautiful projects, but because I just don't have the juice to make something happen within myself in the scrapbooking realm.  Why is this?  And I'm sorry to burden you all with this because I know you have heard it before.  Thanks for sticking around those of you who joined and thought you were going to get amazing and useful project ideas.  I subscribe to monthly kits and I receive them and I love them, but all they do is sit on shelves.  The fact of the matter is I LOVE scrapbooking, I do.  I love the creativity of it.  I love the memories of it.  I love taking pictures for it.  I love the cute products.  I just want to know why every time I sit down at the computer to choose photos for printing I just cannot do it.  I just want to get over this, as this little rut/slump/wall has lasted for about a year now.  Ugh, thanks for listening or reading, I guess.  And thanks for ignoring all of the run on sentences.  There are quite a few in this post.  If my high school English teachers saw this they would have heart attacks.  Have a good night :)

Oh, and P.S.  I am still totally enjoying project life.  I will try to get March Photos up soon.  This month has gone by so fast.

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