Thursday, March 22, 2012

Planning your Pages Part 2 (My Notebook)

Sorry this post took so long.  I've started this post about five times and never finished it.  It was hard to begin and to explain.  So, I just decided to show you a few parts of my notebook and explain them.  

My notebook has my sketches, picture pages, and album page order in it, as well as random bits of journaling.  

It is divided into two main sections.  The first section starts at the front working forward, and the other starts at the back working backward.  These pictures show you the front of my notebook where I plan my pages.  So I have the title a the top.  So lets go with the very first one that says Baptism.  I wrote down how many photos I wanted for that layout.  The numbers are image numbers I wanted to print.  Then, I drew a sketch to the side to see how to layout my photos.  (That big splotch on the bottom is distress ink).  The checkmark means that I've already printed the photos.  That way I will know where I left off.  The X's across the section mean that I have already completed the layout.

Now, this is the back of my notebook.  I have it divided by each boy with the layouts in their album.  I do this so I know the order of the pages.  I also know if I can make a two page layout or a single page.  I don't like to have blank pages in my albums.  The check mark means I've completed the page.  The big X means that I'm done with all of the layouts on that page.

In addition to those two main sections, I have a page full of different sketches and journaling ideas.  I hope this makes sense.  Next in the series, I will show you how I plan a specific page for a layout.

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