Saturday, January 7, 2012

Digital Art Journaling/Project Life Update

I signed up for the Digital Art Journaling Class at    If you have Elements or Photoshop, you can participate.  If you don't, and you want to, then go to Adobe and download a free 30 day trial.  I'm hoping that this class will jumpstart my creativity for the year.  I'm exciting to start because I want to learn more about using digital papers and embellishments.  My ultimate goal is to be able to create backgrounds and such for my blog.  

I just received my supplies for Project Life.  I'm using Simple Stories Year.O.Graphy to create monthly spreads.  I'm going to try and get all of the prep work done today.  I don't think it's going to take long at all because Simple Stories Kits are so EASY to use.  It's not because I sell them, that I'm saying this.  It's really true.  It's so EASY.

I also wanted to share my Self-Portrait for the month of January.  It's going in my January Spread when I print it.  I just got my haircut and highlighted.  I like it!  I haven't done the family portrait yet.  I had a location in mind, but it didn't work out with Erik's schedule so I will have to rethink.  I really want a nice family portrait of us so I can have it made into a canvas.  

We just got Beamer's ashes back last night.  It's finally done.  I'm glad that it's over.  Poor JoJo was a bit confused when Erik and I were talking about getting her back.  He kept asking if Beamer was coming back.  Ashes are surprisingly heavy.  And don't you worry, they are in a nice tin and not in a coffee in the move Due Date!  So, there won't be any accidental mixups.  That movie is hilarious and I suggest you watch it.



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