Friday, January 20, 2012

Feeling Crafty!!! (12x12layout)

I think all the supplies are from the Studio Calico Kits...several of them.

So I FINALLY finished this layout.  It has been sitting on my desk for months waiting for a picture.  I finally broke down and just sent it off to Walgreens to be printed.  I really don't like their prints, but it's close to my house and fast.  ( that was totally a run on sentence.)  I have been working on my Project Life Album, and that is why I wanted to send for pictures anyway.  I actually felt like scrapbooking!!  Though, it's tough with no photos.  This was last Halloween by the way.  I've gotten really behind..shh.

Project Life is going well.  Apparently with page protectors, I have a little problem narrowing down photos.  And maybe that would not be a problem if I were doing it weekly.  But, I think I need to ease into this thing.  Sometimes I can be a slacker...I know, it's shocking.

Have a good night!

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