Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Frosty Fall is Here...and a November Sneak Peek

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Well, fall has officially blown in with chilly weather. I can't believe how incredibly fast October has gone by. The kids are ready for Halloween. Wolfie is going to be a Clone Trooper, Maddox is going to be a vampire, and JoJo is going to be a skeleton.
Sorry for the long absence. We have been so busy around the house. As you all know, I redid the craft room. After that we moved to JoJo's room. We got his bed and toys in. Now all we need to do is paint, and get accessories. I'll post pictures when that happens. Don't hold your breath. You might have to wait awhile. After JoJo's room, we moved to the garage. We cleaned it out and now we are ready for a yard sale. We'll have to try and fit that in between soccer games. Thank goodness we got the garage clean right before the freezy weather hit.
The month of November, I hope to be posting more. I have just been soooo busy. Soccer will be over soon, and that means more time for me to get stuff done. In November, I will post ideas for an album all about you. Also, I will post some cute gift and card ideas to help you prepare this holiday season. If you know anyone who is interested in purchasing a custom scrapbook, handmade cards (Christmas, Thanksgiving), let them know about me or send me an email. I will post some of the products and prices soon.
Good Evening.

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