Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Visit From the Tooth Fairy and a Fall from the Ladder

So how is everyone doing? I have a few random items to post...again. First, as you can see from the picture above that Wolfie lost his first tooth. Of course, I made a dentist appointment to have it pulled the day before. He wiggled it from dinner until 9:30...when it finally came out. The Tooth Fairy came and she left $2, a note, and some fairy dust. All Wolfie said was, "Is that it!!" I couldn't believe it. I was so excited about the Tooth Fairy to come for the first time, with her fairy dust and all. I told him he better be greatful because all I got was 25 cents for each tooth. Little Brat.
Today, Maddie woke up with croup. So he went to work with Daddy where he subsequently fell off the ladder. He has a big knot on his head, a scraped up elbow, and a injured hand. He's pretty whiney. Poor thing. I have to sit with him. He's calling me now. I told Erik to take him to my Grandmother's house so she could watch him. See, he should have listened.
Onto other news. I will announce the winner of the layout contest soon. I am rounding up a 3rd judge. As soon as that happens, I will announce the winner. We are going hunting this weekend. If no one is croupy. Otherwise, it's off. I have got to go 2/3 of my children are crying. Good Night.

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