Saturday, September 12, 2009

Layout Sample

Here is my version of the layout from Pagemaps. To see the dimensions just view the September 1st post. Sorry about the pictures. They came out fuzzy. Remember, you have until September 29 to submit your own layout (email it to me) for a chance to win a paper pack and some embellishments from the new catalog. The polls are still open for 3 more days if you want to vote for the type of paper you want.

Moving on...My life has been so hectic these days. Today was the first day of soccer season. We had Wolfie's game at 8:30. Boy were we in for a rude awakening. The field is double the size, and the quarters are 12 minutes long. Three kids didn't show up so we only had one sub. They were so exhausted it was ridiculous. It's a good thing it was a scrimage otherwise we would have had to forfeit the game. Wolfie was crying because the other kids scored so many goals, and he got punched in the face, etc. What a terrible time.

Maddie's game was good. It is so much more fun to watch when the kids are happy. He has a habit of running down the field with his tongue sticking out. He looked so cute. He's tiny compared to the rest of the kids. He did pretty good. He was a little shy the first half, but in the second half he got a little more aggressive. All in all, I guess it went okay. Enjoy your weekend. It's Football Sunday tomorrow!!!

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