Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Happy Tuesday

Well, Hello Everyone. I am running out of posting ideas. So I thought I would entertain you with some random stuff. Well, the first random item is Erik just shot through a toy with a bow and arrow. It was accidental, of course. He was practicing for his hunting trip and apparently the arrow went straight through the target into the toy. (Don't worry it was a bullseye on the target). The toy still functions it just has a hole in it now. Wow, that was random. Anyway...next I posted a picture of a layout I did this weekend. I used paper from the September kit. There was no creativity involved in the making of this layout. I copied it directly from the Memory Works Website. As soon as I saw the paper I knew exactly what photo to use it for....the first day JoJo spent at home. So I went to the Memory Works website and found this layout under the September Kit ideas. All of the embellishments came from the kit as well.
Next, how about some cutie pics of Maddie. He loves to write and draw so here he is drawing at the kitchen table.
And here is what he drew. Me sitting down. Look how cute I am.
Well, I guess that is all of the craziness for one evening. Please enjoy the rest of yours and I will to post on Thursday or Friday. I have tons of stuff to do this week. Tonight is my only free night and Erik is leaving Thursday for the rest of the week so I will be on my own. In my next post I will announce the prize for the layout contest.

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