Thursday, July 11, 2013

Why Apple Products are the Greatest Inventions EVER!

So I would like to let you know that we are welcoming Mariphone 2...or Mariphone Jr...not sure which I like better, to our family.  Erik and I got new phones.  Erik's power button stopped working, and Mariphone was cracked, cracked, cracked.  It's been over two years since we got new phones.  The only reason for the replacement is we had technical errors with ours.  In my case, if you can call dropping your phone 65 times before it breaks, a technical issue.  So I hope you all are once again looking forward to Mariphone photos.  Since the last Mariphone photos with a cracked phone were so foggy you could hardly tell what was happening.  Anyhow, moving on to the title.  Apple products are AWESOME!

*They sinc and restore to whatever settings you had on your previous device.  All of my music, settings, apps, are on the new phone.

*Siri is wonderful, and we have a beautiful understanding of each other.  She will set my alarm or send text messages if I ask her to.  She's the best invention ever.

*My phone is beautiful perfection.  I can take panoramic shots.  I can use tons of wonderful apps (Candy Crush) and all of my devices/computers sinc together.

*My photos are there!  My home screen is of Erik, the one you can find here.  Also, the main screen photo is there.
Yes, this is my screen photo.  It's so hilarious if you have known this man your entire life.  He's showing the WRONG way to shoot a gun.  It's my bestie, Val's dad.  (We've been besties since 1985)

Anyhow, I hope you are all as excited as I am about my new best device Mariphone 2.

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