Monday, July 8, 2013

Our Fourth of July

Fourth of July is a big deal around here.  I guess it's because it's JoJo's birthday event.  And who doesn't love fireworks?  This year was the first year that Wolfie and Maddie were confused as to why JoJo gets a parade and fireworks for his birthday.  It was quite comical.  Anyhow, on Wednesday, we went to the light parade, which was rained out.  You know you are from New Mexico when you sit through the heavy rain to watch the parade until they called the whole thing.  Boy, those floats were sure moving fast towards the end.  Then on Thursday, we had JoJo's birthday.  My mom and I took the boys to the mall parking lot to watch the city's fireworks show that was 45 minutes late.  Erik was mandated to work but informed the fireworks would be running late.  The kids were so tired of waiting for it to start.  They wanted to go home.  We forced them to sit through it, and they enjoyed the show with only mild arguing.

 Waiting for the parade.

 The pouring rain from the safety of the car.

 Me all wet.  I curled my hair that day, can't you tell?   I know I look somewhat demonic, but its just the taillights from the car in front of us.
 JoJo's "police bike" he got for his birthday.
 He's 6!
Making a wish!

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