Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Funny Internet Happenings...

So, this post veers away from most of my usual topics.  I've seen some clever things online and because I feel everyone deserves a good laugh, I'm sharing them.  The first one is from The Colbert Report.  Erik and I saw it last night.  We had tears in our eyes.  It is a 3 minute segment from his show.  I cannot   BELIEVE some people's absolute stupidness.  You must watch this video.

These next ones are just funny things I've seen on Facebook that crack me up!

Geez this one is so true!  All of these ones come from Alan Galifianakis's facebook page.

There you go.  Hope you had a nice laugh or chuckle at least.  Lord knows, I've needed it these last few days.  I'll be posting some pics from my reunion soon.  Nightie, night peeps.

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