Thursday, October 18, 2012

The El Paso Caveman

Apparently, this story has made national headlines.  I have to say that this story entertains me like no other in a long, long time.  It has apparently made it to Regis and Kelly...or whoever the host is now with Kelly.  I am posting the news story.  And then I will share the link for the entire interview.  It is hilarious.  I would also like to add that he chased off people by running after them naked.  That is how he was discovered by a local news station.

Caveman News Story
Entire Interview


  1. What a crazy story! Didn't watch the interview (my 4 year-old is near), but I do find it quite interesting! TFS!

  2. It is really hilarious...and he doesn't seem that off, even if he is a caveman. He has two years of college and donates his plasma on a regular basis.



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