Monday, October 15, 2012

A Hunting We Will Not Go

So, Wolfie and Erik are going to go Elk hunting without us.  :(  I told Erik that hunting is a family activity.  However, I couldn't take off work to go.  Wolfie is actually very excited to go.  We bought him a bow and some arrows.  Since only the men are going, Wolfie will have to get up and hunt.  I am really excited about that.

Erik explaining to the boys about No Scent, Elk Calls, and bows and arrows the other day.

Erik and Wolfie before they left this evening.
 The face of one of the boys that got left behind.  He was so sad :(

 The roses that Maddie and JoJo decided to pick after Dad and Wolfie left.  I put had to put some boyish toys in the background to make it better.  I mean really?  I have two men going off to kill animals and the other two arranging rose bouquets.

All I know is that no matter what, I won't have another Elk head in my living room...since it's Grandpa Rolf's tag...and that makes me somewhat happy.  We don't have room in the living room for that sort of thing.

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