Monday, October 8, 2012

A Book Recommendation, Under Eye Circles, and Streaking

Our new tarantula...this has nothing to do with this post.  I just didn't want it to be pictureless.

So...I read a really, really good book this weekend.  I loved it.  I couldn't stop thinking about it even today.  It was a FREEBIE on Amazon with your Kindle app or device.

So this is the story of a Gypsy girl, a federal agent, and a psychopath kidnapper.  It was SO good.  I couldn't stop reading once I picked it up.  I copied the summary from Amazon, because I am not actually a good summarizer.  

Czigany “Cezi” Romney is perfectly happy. Yes, she’d have liked to have graduated high school, perhaps even attended college and become a CSI rather than working for her father and Uncle as an asthmatic sidekick. But leaving Armadillo Creek would be impossible. A gypsy without family would be like a ship without a rudder - directionless, unable to function. Her family loves her, but struggle to contain their disapproval of her unorthodox behavior and worst of all, she’s still single, childless and her chances of marriage are waning quickly. Eighteen is practically over the hill. At twenty-six many doubt anyone would want her.

At thirty-four, Stillwater is a seasoned federal agent who has come up through the military and special ops. His scarred face reflects the life of man dedicated to protecting his country. Currently FBPA Agent John Stillwater and his team suspect they are dealing with a nationwide white slavery ring, but lack evidence to prove it. A murder in a nowhere town in Texas leads John to investigate with his team.

Cain McIntosh’s career is making him rich. In his chauffeur-driven limo, his tailored suits, his ten thousand dollar watch and his private jet, Cain visits different towns each week and finds the girl of his dreams. Or so he says as he convinces her to come home with him and meet his family. Unfortunately, the girl who agrees to go, knowing she will be the envy of her friends, is never heard from again. His perfect operation grinds to a halt by a short gypsy woman who deflates his ego and a large Fed agent’s relentless pursuit.

Read this book...

So last night, Erik and I are sitting on the couch watching Boardwalk Empire and we hear screaming.  I asked Erik, what in the heck is that?  So we pause the TV (good old Tivo) and listen.  We hear screaming and shouting.  So we go outside, all incognito under the cover of the porch light.  I asked Erik if we should call the police.  He says no because our neighbors probably already have.  So we hid in the shadows and all of the sudden here come four guys running down the street in their underwear.  It reminded me of Old School.  My neighbor comes out yelling at the mass number of kids...between twenty to thirty.  They also woke up JoJo who was crying.  So I yelled, "You woke up my baby."  Some girl yelled she was sorry.  The crowd disassembles, running down the street.  The Assistant DA shows up, as she lives in our neighborhood and tries to hunt them down.  About five minutes later, the police showed up, because my good ol' trusty neighbors are good for that sort of stuff.   

Onto the next subject...I woke up this morning and my eyes had the hugest bags and dark circles I've ever had in my life.  What in the heck happened?  I have no explanation.  I actually had to get an icepack out of the freezer and apply it to my eyes.  This is a new development...I am going to have to say allergies are the problem.  It looked like I had two black eyes...Which when I got to school the assistant principal actually had one...from falling down a mountain.  My only explanation is that I saw four random boys running down the street in their underwear and apparently the sight apparently pained my eyes :)   P.S.  My neighbor was disappointed that she did not witness the streaking as she was on the phone with the police.

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