Sunday, October 21, 2012

All I Asked For...

As you guys know, Erik took Wolfie hunting.  Before he left in a frenzy, I tried to get my old camera ready for him to take.  I erased a Compact Flash for him and was going to put it in the camera...oops it takes SD Cards.  Erik didn't want to wait for me to upload pics...yadayadayada.  Anyhow, I told him to please take some pictures with his phone.  He said he would.  Well, my friends this is the photo I got.  The only one I can present here.

This is why I can never trust my husband when it comes to photos.  This is essentially the only photo they took.  Forget Wolfie shooting his bow, forget the scenery.  Just put on some fake mustaches and take a pic.  Wow, if only I could have gotten this picture in full resolution.

On another note, I'm going to attempt to clean my office today.  So I can make some projects.  I'm feeling crafty again.

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