Monday, September 10, 2012


Remembering...It's been eleven years.  I guess what I find ironic is that as each year passes, it gets a little bit harder and a little bit sadder.  I'm not sure why.  9-11 was a horrendous day in this country's history.  My brother was in New York City when it happened.  He was there to hear the planes fly in and he was there when the buildings collapsed.  He saw the second tower fall.  9-11 is always a sad, sad day for me and my heart.  Last night, Erik and I were talking about a movie he watched the other day...Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close.  I could not bring myself to watch it.  In fact he was talking about it and I burst into tears.  Loud sobbing tears.  I think it gets harder each year because my kids have no idea what it felt like that day (Thank, God), but it has completely changed their lives in ways they will never understand.  The repercussions of that day ring loudly when you go to the airport or when you think of the soldiers who have fought for us.  Those who have lost their lives, their limbs, or time away from their family.  Soldiers that I know and love.  Even now, we will be dealing with the Guantanamo Bay trials.  Above all of this, I do know that the United States is the best country in this world.  There is no place on Earth where you can grow up to be what you want to be if you work hard enough.  There is no place where freedom exists the way it does here.  And Republican or Democrat, we should all stand united.  We all should really, really stand united.  This is a time to remember what our Country stands for.  What is best for our Country.  Not what is best for us as individuals.  Be glad, count your blessings that most of us readers get to live here, work here, grow here, prosper here, live in freedom here, and be what we want to be here.  God Bless the souls we lost that day.  God Bless the souls that have carried on and continued.  And God Bless America.


  1. Thank you for the post. I'm still affected in many of the same ways as you - I can't watch any movies that feature the tragedy and reading articles about it still makes me cry. The local newspaper had a story about a particular family today and I got choked up. I didn't even know anyone who was there.

    It took me eight years to do something with the newspapers I bought that day. I blogged about what that process was like last year on the 10th anniversary -

    I hope it gets easier. I'm going to go visit the WTC memorial in New York in October, hoping I'll be able to hold it together.

    1. Thanks, Nat! Thank you for responding. I still have the newspapers. I still can't do anything with them. It is so hard. It is hard to see your family members torn up. It is hard to see your friend without a leg because he was shot in Afghanistan. I do, however, believe in America. I believe in it to my core. I can only hope and pray that the rest of us believe this way when it comes to November.

  2. PS - I forgot to say that I really like your words about what is best for the country. I truly believe I am my brother's keeper and we must do what is best for the country and not the individual.



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