Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fun, fun, fun...weekend fun.

*****Note, I was supposed to publish this post last week but didn't get a chance.  So this is one week behind.*******

 I have to tell you that this weekend I had an AWESOME time.  It was just what I needed.  Me and my bestie, Choalcie Goats (not her actual name but one given to her by a horrible, horrible sub in Geometry our freshman I was Maria Ashbag.  The man was an actual ROCKET SCIENTIST, this is not a joke so I don't see why he couldn't get our names right.) had a night out.  There is no one in this world that I have more fun with.  NO ONE!  That lady and I had a great time.  I could not stop smiling Sunday, or Monday, the glee carried over.  How else can you explain nick naming people...Long Hair, Criminal, and Ray Liotta, plus also counting the security guard's laps around the bar?  And did I actually tell you that together we are the most interesting man in the world?  This may not sound hilarious to you, but to us it was so funny our cheeks ached.  This is what it means to have friends you love.  Friends that have been there forever and will be there, no matter what.  But I have to tell you that after Choalcie dropped me off at 2 am that I had a very rude awakening.  It is called "Murphy's Law of Parenting."  Here is a direct quote from my Facebook page.

"Murphy's Law of Parenting states that if you go out until 2 am for a much needed girls night you will awake early to the news that your youngest child clogged the toilet and let the water flood the entire bathroom. At that same instant your cat will bring in a live bird which will fly all over their bedroom, and your husband will have mud on his boots which he will track all over your house."

I should mention that I actually did call Erik and that he was in a foot pursuit and that is why his boots were covered in mud.  I should also say that the rugs in the bathroom weighed about 10 lbs because the handle wasn't lifted all the way up so the water continued to pour out of the toilet.  Erik really did track mud EVERYWHERE.  And later that evening I made gumbo (Our Port Aransas Shrimp).  I stabbed my hands with shrimp tails while decapitating them...quite painful to me...pretty sure the shrimp didn't feel a thing, but I can't feel that bad since we actually ate the stabbers.  Then we watched the Bronco game, and I texted my Daddy.  All was right in this world.  Oh wait, the cat brought in another bird sometime in the evening.  So while we're watching the game we hear more screaming.  My mom, who is terrified of birds, ran out the door.  Wolfie and Maddie captured the bird and took it outside all by themselves.  My boys are growing up.
And really the whole moral of the story is thank goodness for wonderful, beautiful, funny friends and Dad's who are always serious, and also cats who add to the adventure of life...

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