Monday, May 14, 2012

An Instagram Challenge...and a Mother's Day Weekend.

I guess, I should preface this post with the fact that I hardly used that fancy old dslr camera of mine.  And I have to admit that most times I am a camera snob.  I use my fancy camera for most events of life.  However, this weekend, our camera got left in the car and I didn't have it.  So I improvised with Mariphone...and Instagram.  Those two items go hand in hand, I tell you.

And, so, I am going to share my Instagram photos from the weekend.  And I am going to tell you that it was a breath of fresh air to do so.  It was fun to mix it up.  And I am CHALLENGING YOU to take a day of your life and use only your cell phone photos.  Please share the links in the comment section if you decide to partake.  I will surely visit your post.  

I also have to say that I had the BEST Mother's Day. It started on Friday.  Erik kept the older boys home as it was half day and I didn't have child care for them.  They all cleaned the house, went to the store, and bought me flowers.  

Saturday, we decided to head up to our hometown to go to the lake and do some fishing.

 May Self-portrait...with no makeup and windblown hat hair.

 The fish JoJo reeled in but would have nothing to do with for a photo op.

Wolfie's fish...he has all the luck.  He caught the biggest one.
 This photo took place shortly after the previous photo, and after Erik said this is the calmest storm I've ever in 30 seconds later we got pounded by a thunderstorm with heavy rain and hail.  We had to wait it out on the lake.  This is the photo I took from the shore before we decided to do a little more fishing.  This is my favorite of the entire weekend.

Our eat what you kill.  It's our rule.

 Stevie Wonder...AKA...Rolf who is too stubborn to get prescription glasses so he uses these enhanced glasses from Walgreens or wherever, even if they're sunglasses and it's dark in the house.  

The absolute best message I could ever receive.  I love my dad beyond words and I have seen him grow and change so much since the birth of my children.   He has made me everything that I am.  This meant the absolute world to me.

 JoJo operating the Kubota on his own.  Uncle Kriss turned it over to him and watched him while he worked...along with Uncle Mike and the rest of us.  (The video and photos are on my "fancy" camera.) I told my Dad JoJo was running the Kubota on his own...expecting that might be alarming to a person.  A four year old on heavy equipment.  All my dad said least he can't hit my house.  And that kid loves those things. (tractors...he's obsessed)  And that's when you know that he's a true grandparent.

 JoJo standing in his hole.  It was actually pretty deep.
Me and my Grandma.  She is the most beautiful person I have ever meant.  She is so sweet and kind.  I love her so much.

And so I guess I have to say that I had a great weekend.  It was one of the best Mother's Days I've ever had.  And I can't believe I used a cell phone to document most of it.  Thank you, rock :)  I hope all of you who are mothers had a great, great day.

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  1. I haven't done a single day yet, but I've posted a collection of cell phone-only pictures on my blog that cover the first quarter of the year. I'm planning on doing a similar post each quarter. I don't use instagram mostly because I don't think I need a special app and my phone takes fine pictures without it. I may do a single day project like you suggested sometime soon! Happy mother's day!



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