Tuesday, May 29, 2012

31 Things Day 2: Morning Routine

Day 2:  Morning Routine
Hello Coffee.  I love you.  It doesn’t matter if it’s summer, or school, or Saturday or Sunday.  I must have my coffee.  If it’s a school day, then I make the coffee and get a thermal cup for school.  If it’s a weekday or summer, I get my cup and savor it.  I love to feel the hot cup in my hands.  I relax or just sit by the computer and work on photo editing or check emails.
School Routine| If it’s a school day.  The alarm goes off at 5:20.  Then, I hit the snooze three times.  Shameful, I know but true.  I check my phone to see if I have any texts from Erik or my dad because they text me sometimes in the morning.  Next thing is the shower.  A very hot shower.  
After the shower, I get dressed and blow dry my hair.  Then it’s time for makeup.  I try to be completely ready to go before 6:10.  That’s when I get the boys up.  The boys get up.  I layout their clothes on the couch.  Sometimes they are very grumpy and sometimes they are very cheerful and eager to get the day going.  Those grumpy days are not that fun and they usually involve a lot of whining.  We leave the house at 6:35 for school/work.  
On the way to work, Wolfie usually falls asleep again and sometimes Maddie does too.  JoJo usually says, “Mom, Mom, Mom”  over and over.  I try to listen to the radio in the meantime 95.5 KLAQ.  I have been listening to the morning show since college, and sometimes it might not be exactly appropriate for children but it is part of my youth.  I am holding onto it.  Somewhere along the way, Erik calls me to tell me about his night.  I drop JoJo off at Estela’s house.  Estela watches him all day.  She is a Godsend to us. Then, Wolfie and Maddie and I head to school.  We have to be there by 7:15.  Wolfie heads to his classroom, Maddie rushes to the cafeteria and I run to my room to put my things away.  Then I run to the cafeteria, say hello to Mrs. Smith the assistant principal, the cafeteria ladies, and the kids.  And start my day whatever excitement it may hold.

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