Monday, May 28, 2012

31 Things...Day 1

Day one
I’m not a big jewelry girl.  I really never have been.  As a young girl I begged to get my ears pierced.  I got them pierced when I was 5 and then I found out the hard way that I was allergic to anything but gold posts.  I could never wear the cute little trendy earrings of my 80’s generation.  Insert sad sigh…not so much...At the time this wasn’t the case.  I also could never keep a pair of earrings.   I lost pretty much every pair.  In fact, now as an adult I wear a pair of small diamond earrings with screw on posts.  I lost the other half to the previous diamond pair without them.  Lesson learned.
I wear two rings.  Of course, the most important is the ring I recently got for our ten year anniversary.  My first ring, my wedding ring, is tucked into a little box that Maddie made me for Mother’s Day last year.  The other ring I wear, is a silver band from the Atocha.  The Atocha,  as in the ship that sank in 1622 off the coast of Florida.  My mom bought me the ring when I was in middle school, maybe.  I don’t know I’ve had it forever.  The treasure hunters had a display at a local jewelry store and that is how we got it.
I don’t change jewelry daily, or to match my outfits.  I’m not sure why.  I just don’t have that much interest in it.  I’m not a big change sort of person.  Once I like something, I pretty much keep it.  And I guess that would hold true for daily life too.  My friends, I have a few really good ones that I’ve had for ages.  I’ve been ordering the same meal at a La Posta since I was three years old.  So, I guess I keep it simple, and choose pieces that are important to me.    

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