Friday, May 25, 2012

I still exist

JoJo had to go back to the hospital on Wednesday.  He threw up and we took him back to the ER and they transported us back to El Paso.  We got home last night.  He is on bed rest for two weeks.  If we can keep him contained.  He was pointing out the dog poop to Erik today in the yard.  Then he went in and took a nap because that was exhausting work apparently.

It is summer!!!!!!  I will try to get everything caught up...Week in the Life, Project Life for April and May, and my 31 Things, oh and all of the photos that need to be edited.

Thanks for the thoughts and prayers.  They really mean a lot to our family.  Returning to school today (on the last day) was wonderful and overwhelming.  We have such a caring staff and they all asked about him.  I will be up and running soon.

And also here is the sneak peek for the June Memory Works Kit....see that's scrapbooking related :)

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