Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Science Fair Fun

This week we finished up Wolfie's science fair project.  Let me just say that I think science fairs were some crazy idea dreamt up to torture parents.  Why else would you force a child to complete a complicated project that you have to pull their teeth to do?  During the process, I might have threatened that failure to complete the science project would result in Santa bringing sticks and coal for Christmas.  To which my "Genius Scientist" son said at least he would be able to make a fire with them.  (Last year or the year before the same threat was made regarding sticks and he replied that at least he could make a bow and arrow with them).  I'm glad my son is an optimist.  So here is a little picture of Erik and Wolfie working on his project.  (He took the actual board before I could take a picture of it.)

Here are some things I learned:  1.  Do not let your child use Cricut Letters...they will complain endlessly about gluing them down.  2.  My craft room is WAY too crowded.  We have too much furniture in here.  Something has got to go.  3.  I need to put a lock and key  on everything...my ruler was missing, there were no pencils, no erasers.  4.  For the Love of God, I need to put some WD40 on my trimmer...I think I have permanent hearing damage for the God awful sound it makes.  5.  Keep pets and small children away from the science fair project at all times.

All in all, it was a success...I just hope Wolfie learned something.  :)

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