Saturday, November 26, 2011


There is a little feature on ecoscrapbook about your's truly.  Ecoscrapbook is a blog that provides tips and advice for using earth friendly items.  So, head on over there are check out Danielle's (ecoscrapbook) blog.

And as a side note, it seems that by scrapbooking Mojo has returned.  I started a cute little album project using repurposed materials aka cardboard, that I will share when I finish.  I also have two more layouts done, and a card!  I'm on a roll.

I HAVE to finish ALL of the laundry this weekend...this will not be an easy or fun task.  I am not looking forward to it at all....And because I couldn't make this a pictureless post, I am including a couple of photos from Thanksgiving.  They are not traditional photos that include the turkey, etc., but they do include my very own personal turkeys :)

Erik took this one hence the out of focus look to it.  He is a man of many talents, but photography is not one of them.  That's my brother, Josh and JoJo, my grandmother, me and Wolfie, and Maddie.


  1. Great photos with the vintage truck. Cute family!

  2. I love the blues and grays against the red truck. Great pics, Mariah! And thanks for sharing over at EcoScrapbook!



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