Saturday, July 30, 2011

WIL-Day 3

Today was a lazy day.  I cleaned a few things around the house.  The boys read, watched TV, and played. I read a book and finished it was only 100 pages.  It was my last Friday of summer vacation...
JoJo and Maddie's favorite breakfast...they still like this

 JoJo and Jill waiting for the garbage truck.  JoJo is telling Jill all about it.

Hiding from the garbage truck.

Watching the garbage truck is a Friday ritual at our house.

Bye-Bye garbage truck

Snuggle time with Fluffy

Maddie's music of choice.  He loves Dolly Parton.  He knows all the words to the songs.  This will definitely be something we tease him about when he grows up.
Told you I cleaned.

 Eggs for dinner...outside.  Erik was supposed to get home about 6.  I thought pancakes would be fun for dinner.  He got out of work late and home about 7:45.  I'm not a pancake maker, so the kids got eggs.  It was still breakfast for dinner.

JoJo and Maddie playing "Did you steal my hay"

Wolfie was supposed to be in bed he came out dressed like this with his weapon.  I had to take a picture, then promptly send him to bed so Erik and I could have time to talk at the table without 100 interruptions.

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