Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Week in the Life 2011-Day 1

I am embarking once again on "A Week in the Life."  Here are a few photos from Day 1.
Checking to see if the Toothfairy came last night.

Some little monsters showed up in my bed in the middle of the night.

Erik's shined boots and a dirty sock?  It's the first thing I saw this morning when I came into the living room.

Erik eating a quick breakfast after PT.

Acting normal for the camera because I told him all of his other pictures looked ridiculous.

My classroom waiting to get set up and ready for new little first graders.

Saying Grace before dinner which consisted of left overs from a roast chicken.  The boys love the potatoes so I try to make extras.

Eating applesauce requires full concentration from JoJo.

Maddie's missing tooth.  He has lost three in the past two weeks.  I love his little holes.  It won't be long before their gone :(  Signs that he's growing up.

Erik's nightly ritual of shoe shining.

Bedtime stories (please ignore stupid look on my face-i was reading).  This summer we've been reading Uncle Wiggly's Adventures.  We read a chapter or two each night.  My grandmother used to read us this book when we went to stay with her in Illinois during the summer.  We would sit around the kitchen table and eat popsicles.  Sometimes the raccoons would come and get into the trashcans and we'd run out to the porch and watch them.  Wolfie is really enjoying the book, and he wants to read more every night.  He begs me to let him take it to his room and read it on his own.  But, I tell him this is something special that I want to do together.  

That's all for Day 1.  I'll be back tomorrow with Day 2!

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