Friday, July 29, 2011

WIL-Day 2

Today was spent cleaning, washing clothes, and editing photos (not these-from a session).  Here are a few photos from the day.  They are not edited, I have had quite a difficult time with my computer this morning.  My internet is sssssllllooowww.  The photos wouldn't import from my camera, then they got erased and I had to reinsert them.  This has taken about 1.5 hours to do so here you have it.  Blurry photos and all.  It's Muphy's Law for Day 2.

This morning, Wolfie came out of his room dressed as this Star Wars Guy (I have know idea who)
 My hallway at 8:30 a.m.  Isn't it lovely?
I would like to know how this much damage can be done to a kitchen while I'm sleeping.  It was clean last night.  What happened??
 My laundry helper.  He's also my "little forklift" for putting towels away.  He really likes laundry and if I do it with out him, he gets mad.  Can't wait until he's old enough to do it all by himself (at which time he will hate it).  Such is the irony of life.
My second cup of coffee...because I needed it.

The street sweeper was outside.  JoJo is obsessed with all heavy machinery.

Morning Snack:  Popcorn with chile.

Most delicious lunch ever:  Tunafish sandwich, chips, and chocolate milk

Erik and I after lunch relaxing on the bench seat.

Jill is super excited about my monthly kit from Studio Calico.  I am too.  We just get each other :)

I tried numerous times to put him down for a nap.  I came out of the office and found him sleeping on the love seat like this.

Our Bakugan friends that sat with Erik and I while we watched the boys play their underwear.

 Bedtime snacks.

(sorry for the blurry photos)
For dinner we had homemade green chile enchiladas.  My neighbor's fridge broke so she brought us some of her food (enchiladas, rice, and whip cream)  We have the best neighbors.

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  1. nice pics...the messy house looks like mine, but sadly it is just Matt & I that live here. The sleeping on the love seat photo made me laugh out loud. HAHA!



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