Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Few of Our Wedding Photos

Erik and I had a beautiful wedding.  It was fun, wild, and memorable.  It is hard to believe that this day happened 10 years ago tomorrow.  These pictures make me smile.  It was such a happy day, and it's been such a happy 10 years.  It's unbelievable how quickly time has gone by.  We have three boys now. Erik and I were talking the other day.  In our next decade of marriage our boys will grow up.  They will be getting ready to leave the house.  Wolfie will be 18 and on his way to college.   Maddie will be driving.  JoJo will be starting high school.  I really could not have chosen a better person to be my partner in life, to help me grow up, and shape me into who I am today.    

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