Saturday, October 16, 2010

So Easy a Five Year Old Could Do It...

Hello friends!  Today I want to show you how to make some super easy and cute pumpkins.  My little Maddie came home with a cute little pumpkin that he made at school.  He wanted me to help me make some more for our house.  So here you go...
Here are the finished products.  The all orange pumpkins are the ones Maddie made all by himself.

Cut your paper into 1" strips.  The length can vary according to the size you want.  The smallest pumpkins were made from 8" strips.  The longest I made from two 12" strips glued together.

For each pumpkin, you will need four strips.  First make an X...Put glue in the center of one of your strips.

Add another strip.

Add the final strip.

Start gluing your strips together at the top.  I started with the first strips and glued them together.  Glue the opposites together.

Here's the finished product.

Cut some rectangles for the stem and glue them to the tops of your pumpkins.

Then, I cut some really skinny strips of paper and curled them with the scissors.  You can see the small strip dangling from my assistant's mouth.  (Notice his missing tooth)  I glued them to the top next to the stems.

The last thing I did was thread wire through the tops so I could hang them from the arch above our entry way.  

They're super easy and quick to make.  Mine aren't perfect...since my son helped me make them.  However, he likes them so that's really all that matters.

The patterned paper is from Fancy Pants.

Leave a comment if you have any questions.

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