Wednesday, October 6, 2010

All Supplies from September 2009 MWExpress

Hello there!  I got a few layouts done this last weekend, even though it was a busy one.  The kids and I were on fall break.  Today was our first day back.  I'm exhausted from staying up late, and sleeping in late. I am just amazed how quickly the rest of this year is going.  This layout is from Thanksgiving last year.  We had a really nice time.  All of my grandparents came as well as my brothers, parents, cousins, etc.  I really had a wonderful time that day.  We all did.  That's my grandfather you see in the middle.  We moved him into his assisted living facility on Monday.  He seems okay.

I'm looking through my blog.  I haven't done any sketches in a reaaalllly long time.  Perhaps it's time for another.  I would also like to increase my following to 50.  I think I'll offer a nice prize if I reach 50 followers.  So spread the word.  The prize will be an Express Kit from February 2010.  I ended up with an extra one.  I'll post pics later this week, as I'm supposed to be doing dishes right now :)  Once I reach 50, I'll do a random drawing of all followers or subscribers (through feedburner email subscriptions).  The lucky winner will receive the kit.

Well, goodnight!  I'm off to do dishes...

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