Saturday, October 2, 2010

Halloween Layout

All products are from MW Express October 2009

This is one of the layouts I wanted to share.  For some reason, the server kept rejecting my other layout.  I'll have to try and check the reason for that, and I'll post it at a later time.  

Can you believe how fast September went by?  Before you know it, it'll be time for Christmas Trees.  I didn't do so well with my goals last month.  I did get a few big ones done, but not all of them.  So, I guess those will carry on into October.  I'm just so overwhelmed with everything.  My house is always a mess.  My kids are so messy.  I realize that I'm going to have to start getting stricter.  They are all old enough now to help out a little bit.  I'm overwhelmed over money as well.  This economy is killing us.  My husband is a contractor.  It's a really hard time for us.  I know that there are tons of other people that are worse off than we are.  But, it's still hard.  The good thing is that I'll have to use up my stash of supplies for crafting.  I guess there's a bright side :)

Well, I guess that's all for today.  I'm off to clean, do laundry, and decorate for Halloween.  The kids have so much fun with that!  I'll try to post some pictures.  Enjoy your Saturday, Friends!

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