Monday, August 30, 2010

This Boy

This boy:
is beautiful, funny, charming...
is wild.
makes me happy beyond belief.
snuggles so nicely when he needs love.
makes me laugh like no one else.
is so loved.

But this boy:
also drives me crazy.
Frustrates me to no end.
Easily loses his temper
sometimes lies, hits, and throws tantrums which worries me.

I swear, I'm trying my best with him.  I just hope that one day he will finally learn the lessons Erik and I are teaching him.  Sometimes I see glimpses...and I know we're on the right track.  Other days, it's not so clear.  

I do so love this boy.  And I just want the best for him.

Today was a rough day with Maddie.  It started out with him refusing to strap into his carseat.  I waited until he no avail...(stubborn).  Wolfie strapped him in.  Then during the ride he unstrapped Wolfie.  I told him I was going to take him to the police station so the police could talk to him about the dangers of unstrapping someone in the car.  This unstrapping has happened on many occasions.  The rest of the ride was filled with Wolfie and Maddie fighting, hitting each other, and yelling.  After that we had to go to the accountant's office.  The street was closed due to construction.  So, I had to get all the boys out and walk a block to get to the office.  Maddie took a free lollipop...he couldn't have one because I told him no.  He put it in his pocket anyway.  I didn't learn of this until we got home.  After the trip to the accountant's office, we went to the State Police office by our house.  The officer talked to him about unstrapping himself and others in the car.  Then we went home.  That's when I learned about the lollipop.  Techniquely he didn't steal was free.  But he is now punished.  Banished to his room for the rest of the evening.  When will he learn to make good choices?  Sometimes it's so hard to be a parent.      

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