Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I have 5 seconds left...

Hi everyone...let's make this quick.  I have 5 seconds left before my husband yells at me for sitting at the computer.  I'm supposed to be cleaning for the cleaning lady.  But, it's just been too long since my last post.  I really miss blogging.  I don't know how many of you read my posts, but, it's fun to get things off my chest anyway.  Things have been wild around here.  Tomorrow will be Maddie's 1st day of school.  I will officially have two kids in school.  Where did the time go?  It really flies so fast.  I will share pictures of both boys' first days on Thursday, hopefully.  We have Tae Kwon Doe tomorrow, otherwise I would try to post.

My computer almost crashed today.  I turned it on, and I don't know what happened.  It loaded with absolutely nothing on it.  No photos, no documents.  Almost like a brand new computer.  So, I'm backing up my stuff right now.  You need to backup your stuff as well.  Let this be your reminder.  Our other computer crashed, and it's going to take over $1,000 to recover the pictures off of it.  (That's why I'm waiting for a while to do it).  Thank God, I already scrapbooked the pictures. 

On the Grandparents front.  My grandfather is still in the nursing home.  He's doing well.  My mom asked him the other day what he wanted to do.  Apparently, he doesn't want to go home.  That's good for two reasons:  1.  My grandmother doesn't want him to come home, 2.  We felt guilty about him having to go to a nursing home during recovery.  But he likes it.  My grandmother on the other hand is going totally cuckoo.  She wants a divorce...after 70 years of marriage.  Because her mother, who appears to her, told her God owes her two good years before she dies.  She is also crawling on the floor, because she can no longer walk.  She's faking to get attention or whatever it is.  She walks after a while when someone comes to stay with her.  My mom and aunt are going to have a tough road ahead of them.  It is such a hard thing to see.  It's something that I never dealt with as a child.  Erik's grandmother is in the hospital as well.  She actually can't walk, or crawl for that matter.  The doctors aren't sure why.  She has osteoporosis.  Her sternum and ribs are fractured from a previous surgery.  She is such a wonderful lady.  I really admire her.  I was so fortunate as a child to not have to worry about these things.  Now, my kids are going to have to deal with them.  It's funny how life works sometimes. 

Well, I guess that's all.  I really like the school I'm working at.  I guess I really needed a change.  I feel refreshed and ready.  I have a really nice class.  A big class, but, they're nice...and smart.  I really, truly, hope you are all doing well.  Thanks for reading, if you got to the bottom of this. 

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