Friday, June 18, 2010

Under the Weather

Made with the June 2010 MW Express Kit (except for tooth stickers)
Well, we are a little sick around here.  Maddie has a bout of the stomach flu.  He had me up a lot last night.  Today is a Lazy day with a capital "L". 
Here is the cure for any illness.  Maddie got a little bit down.

The sick boy, himself.  Yes, I'm sure someday he will hate me for posting such wonderful pictures for all to see.

Needless to say, my motivation for crafting of any sort has gone out the window.  However, motivation for a nap is high.  So in about 30 minutes I will be putting JoJo down and partaking in a nap.  Perhaps, I will feel more motivated afterwards. 

I swear, I do have some projects to share with you.  Someday I will post them.  Sorry, I guess to be honest, the motivation for anything has been low this week.  Next week will be better...I hope.  Well, it better be because I'm driving myself crazy :) 

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