Thursday, June 3, 2010

My Beautiful Grandma

April MWExpress Kit

My Grandma Alice, turned 80 on Sunday.  I made the card above for her with the Memory Works Express Kit.  My Grandma is the most beautiful woman I know.  She raised three boys pretty much as close in age to mine.  She is the best Grandma in the world.  Once when I was high school, she made me homemade chicken soup.  She force fed me Vitamin C tablets routinely throughout the day.  She is the sweetest, most mild woman you will ever meet. 

I love to play tricks on her, because she always falls for them.  And, I love to hear her laugh and say, "Oh Mariah" with her southern accent when she finds out I'm playing a trick on her.  She always tries to force feed you more food even if you're stuffed.  Yes, I do love my grandma.  I am so lucky to have her in my life.  My children are so lucky to have her in their lives. 

And just one more card made with the April kit....

....I'm off to help Crafty Maddie with his butterflies.

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