Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Happy August

August 2009 Kit -- Untamed

Patterned Paper
1 12x12 Actopus to Zelephany - Wood (K & Company)
1 12x12 Actopus to Zelephany - Alphabet (K & Company)
1 12x12 Actopus to Zelephany - Alphabet Quilt (K & Company)
1 12x12 Scallop "Root Beer" (Collage Press)
1 12x12 Knave of Hearts - Charming (Collage Press)
1 12x12 Knave - Journaling Cuts (Collage Press)
1 12x12 Sundowner Motel (OctoberAfternoon)
1 12x12 June Bug - Aggie (BasicGrey)

Solid Cardstock
1 12x12 Nautical Blue Light (Prism)
1 12x12 Tawny Dark (Prism)
1 12x12 Candle Glow Medium (Prism)
1 12x12 Spring Willow Medium (Prism)

Bonus Post Cards
1 Nautical Blue Light (Prism)
1 Tawny Dark (Prism)
1 Candle Glow Medium (Prism)
1 Spring Willow Medium (Prism)
1 Sugar Cream (Prism)
5 5 3/4 X 4 3/8 Natural Envelopes

1 Adrian Magnetic Clips (Creative Imaginations)
1 1/4 oz Dark Red Round Buttons (Creative Imaginations)
1 1/4 oz Gold Round Buttons (Creative Imaginations)
1 1/4 oz Green Round Buttons (Creative Imaginations)
2 Dark Red Flowers.(Creative Imaginations)
2 Green Flowers.(Creative Imaginations)
2 Gold Flowers.(Creative Imaginations)
1 Chocolate Connection Words (Creative Imaginations)
1 97% Complete Sticker Family Matters (7 Gypsies)
2 97% Vintage Journal Pages (7 Gypsies)
1 Captivating Alpabet Stickers (Pink Paislee)
1 18" Red Felt Ric Rac (Creative Imaginations)
1 18"Gold Twill (Creative Imaginations)
1 One Yard Olive Green & Ivory (May Arts)
1 School Chipboard Box Set (Fancy Pants)

This August Kit is awesome. It is packed with tons of embellishments. Please let me know if you want to order the kits. I love them, and I think they are completely worth the $29.95 plus shipping and handling. Email me or leave a comment if you want to purchase a kit.

Well on another note. I have been so busy with school. We got started on Monday. I was completely unprepared, since I had been out of town for 5 days. I am exhausted beyond belief. While I was gone, Erik found some little wild bunnies that were abandoned. So he took them in. The kids had a lot of fun with them. It is something they will remember. I took pictures so eventually one day it will end up in a layout. This morning one of the bunnies was dead and when Erik got to work to let them go, another one had died. It was sad. We didn't tell the kids about the second bunny. (There were 3 in all). He built the third one a little nest and let it go. He said it stayed inside the hole for about 5 minutes and then hopped away. My dad is going to feed it so hopefully it will survive. When we see rabbits at my dad's house we'll just tell the kids that it's their bunnies (2). They only know the first one died.

Well, I'd love to stay and chat, but I have to get some work done. I really hope I can get some scrapbooking done this weekend. I think I'm having withdrawals. Have a good evening.

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