Sunday, August 23, 2009

A little under the weather

So, I hope you all have been well. Here is a layout I did last week. I thought I would share it since I haven't done much lately. Like I said last week, I am so unmotivated. This weekend, I guess I had an excuse. I didn't feel very well. I'm feeling a little better today so we'll see.I have been so busy with soccer practice, church meetings, school events, and everything else. I haven't had a chance to slow down and catch my breath. Hopefully now that school is underway things will slow down. Erik is going to coach Wolfie's soccer team. He's getting excited for it. Is it bad if you go to soccer practice to watch the coach? Sorry, but my hubby looks so cute. Well, sorry I haven't been very useful lately. I thought I would share a few links you can go to and check them out. The first is PageMaps. They have tons of cool sketches. They come out monthly and you can download and save them on your computer. The second is Pencil Line Sketches. The link is here.Pencil Lines has tons of cool sketches as well. Just incase you all needed a little inspiration. Enjoy your week and if I have time I'll try to post.

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