Sunday, January 28, 2018

Week 4 of Project 365

I feel this week was a bit of a struggle.  I tried some new techniques but I also failed a few times.  I guess you can't take a great photo every single day of the year.

 My first attempt at freelensing…this was beginners luck because I've been trying all week and I haven't gotten another good photo with this technique.  

 Wolfie has tennis practice at 6:45 am.  This was us about 6:30 drinking coffee together.  
The prompt this day was: Rockstar.  I figured I could be one, right?  Then, Charclee and I went to dinner with Brian and Erik.  I thought I got food poisoning.  Apparently, it was not food poisoning but the stomach flu.  It's been going around in my class.
 I drug myself out of bed to take this photo.  The prompt was blue.  I could have been more creative but between fever and the chills this was the best for the day.

 And today, I feel much better.  Thank God.  So, I took a photo of my favorite mountains.  I hope you all have a great week.

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