Thursday, January 4, 2018

Project 365 Details

Hello All!  Today, I'm going to share my Project 365 Details.  Basically, I will be taking at least one photo a day and working to improve my photography skills.  That is not all I'm going to be doing as I really plan to push myself this year.  Already, reflecting and thinking about my goals has really led me to understand what I want to work on this year both professionally and personally.  So, here are some of the logistics.

*I haven't yet figure out how I want to share these photos.  Do I want to create a gallery on my website, create a separate Instagram Account for them, or use some other online gallery.

*I don't think I will be able to cull and edit photos daily as I get back to work.  I will take a photo daily that is for sure. If need be, I will edit the photos on a weekly basis.

*I'm going to be documenting One Little Word and this project in my traveler's notebook.  Pulling my favorite photos monthly and adding them in with some notes about the photos I've chosen.

*I also bought these cute little notebooks from Clique Kits to use for notes and ideas.  They're small and easy to take anywhere.

As soon as I figure out my gallery situation, I'll share it here.  Have a great day!

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