Friday, March 13, 2015

#ThisWeek: In the Evening, and Dinnertime

Hello all.  I'm a week behind for #ThisWeek hosted by Mandy Elliot.  I was really busy with some issues with my son last week and didn't have a chance to post, though, I did take the photos.  I will share those with you first.
This week, I documented a few things we do around here in the evening.  Evenings are very busy around here.  I get home from school, then leave the house shortly after to pick up Wolfie from school.  We get home and wait for Erik to come home, or three days out of the week he is here.  We recently started running as a family so we usually spend about an hour doing that.  The kids love doing it.  Erik and I run and the boys ride their bikes or scooters.  After that, it's time for dinner and dishes and homework.  The boys go to bed around 8:00...when they aren't coming out to go to the bathroom or get water.  Once the kids are settled, we usually watch our own shows.  We've been alternating between Dexter and Breaking Bad.  Wednesdays and Thursdays are really busy because we have catechism and piano lessons.

Watching Breaking Bad

Packing lunch for the next day.

Watching Dexter

JoJo doing homework.  The other two boys do it on their own now.

Wrestling with dad.

Now, this week's prompt was Dinnertime.  I took a few pictures to document that.

We usually cook at home most nights.  There might be an occasional week were we go out, but it's not very often.  We did go out this week because my friend invited us out.  I usually make a list and plan dinners weekly.  We are on the Real Food Diet, so we use a lot of Lisa Leake's recipe when we cook. 

My Weekly List

We usually have homemade pizza once a week.

Wolfie helping to cook dinner. 

At BDubs on Tuesday

Taco Salad
Homemade Ice Cream.  The light isn't great.

Erik makes me homemade popcorn a few nights a week while we watch our shows.  It's not dinner but still food.


  1. Two weeks in one! Love it! Your evening routine was documented so well, I love that you run as a family. That sounds awesome! And your handwriting on your meal list, I'm so jealous. My handwriting is sloppy! Thanks for joining in again girl, appreciate you!

  2. Your photos are so awesome! Love how you are documenting your life!



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