Sunday, September 28, 2014

And Sometimes You Cry

I've been gathering my strength to post that my grandmother died on Monday morning.  It was very peaceful.  It was so easy compared to what we have been through previously.  That probably sounds bad, but it's true after everything else we've been through.  Now, both Erik and I have lost a complete set of grandparents.  I know it's a fact of life, but this has been really sad.  It's sad to know they are both gone.  My mom has no parents.  The two people who helped me so much in my life are gone.  They helped me with homework, science projects, took care of my brother and I.  They cooked our dinner.  Made us Black Cows.  Taught us how to swim.  They picked me up from practice.  They were there.  There is just something entirely sad when a pair of people you love disappear from the planet.  I am thankful that my grandmother and grandfather were part of my life.  Many people don't get that privilege.  I know this has been hard on my mom too.   I can't help appreciating how much my kids love my mom and how good she is to them.  For tonight, I bid farewell to Jay and Kate...Grandmother and Grandfather.  Thanks for the memories.

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