Sunday, March 23, 2014

Urine trouble...You're in Trouble...Not So Much

Who doesn't love a good play on words?  You know I do.  Hence, all of the Dam Photos I took.  Anyhow, there is no urine trouble.  Maddie's urine tests came back NORMAL!  That is great news!  I'm sorry for the the Urine trouble title.  Okay, maybe not that much.  It just didn't make sense to say You're not in trouble.  I just wanted to share the good news.  I also wanted to share a few pictures I've taken recently.   Please keep in mind, I have my Project Life to share.  I only have a little bit of journaling left to do before I photograph the layout.   I am up to date with pictures being printed out for the next layouts.  I just need to pick them up from Walgreens.  Anyhow, have a good evening.

 Maddox took this picture of JoJo.  He also titled it "Pouty JoJo.

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