Friday, March 7, 2014

Not An Allergic Reaction

You may remember that in my last post, I thought Maddie had an allergic reaction to his medication.  I thought wrong.  It turns out that as a reaction to his Strep Throat, his body started attacking his kidneys.  He also started retaining fluids and had really high blood pressure.  We ended up in the Children's Hospital.  He's out now.  He's on a low sodium diet, and drinking a lot of fluids.  He went back to school today for the first time this week.  We just have to monitor him.  His kidney functions will be monitored by the Phrenologist.

He's taken all of this in stride.  He's not complained once, and he's been a good sport about drinking all of his water.  He also hasn't complained about eating low sodium foods.  It's not been that much of an adjustment for him since we don't eat any processed foods.  He can't eat cheese and I bought him so no salt potato chips.  I don't think the doctor believed us when we told him we didn't eat processed foods.  Anyhow, that was my traumatic week.  Hope you guys are doing okay.  Project Life coming soon...I promise.

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