Wednesday, February 5, 2014

When Stomach Flu Strikes

As you know, my JoJo got sick with the stomach flu on Friday.  He started with the vomiting.  It then progressed to Diarrhea.  I just gave him half a teaspoon of this mixed with milk and he was fine.  I swear, swear by this product.  When JoJo had horrific diarrhea at the beginning the summer last year, nothing worked.  They wanted to hospitalize him.  I have never seen such terrible stomach problems with my children.  I finally did an internet search and found this.  Luckily, my favorite store, Toucan had this in stock in the refrigerator section.  I mixed it with Pedialyte that time.  I cut the dose in half so I could give it to him twice a day.  It was the only thing that worked.  His problem was solved within a day or two.  I am recommending this to all the parents who read this blog.  It is a lifesaver.

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